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5 Considerations When Choosing Computer Hardware for Your Accounting Business

April 10, 2022
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5 Considerations When Choosing Computer Hardware for Your Accounting Business

Choosing computer hardware for your accounting business can be a difficult decision. Every accounting firm’s needs are different. Finding computer hardware that not only fits your business needs and allows you a sense of security when handling sensitive client information can be a tough balance to strike. 

Additionally, hardware can come in all shapes and sizes – from desktops, laptops, printers, scanners, telephone systems, storage devices, and other tangible technology products. Ensuring you select the correct hardware for your accounting business can mean the difference between an efficient and productive workday or endless frustration. 

Fortunately, we’re breaking down five simple categories you should consider when choosing the best computer hardware for your accounting business. Whether your accounting business operates with a small team of employees or thousands of personnel, these considerations will remain the same. 

Choosing the right computer hardware for your accounting business comes down to the following five questions, which we’ll discuss further in this article:

  1. 1. How much are you willing to spend on your computer hardware?
  2. 2. Would the new computer hardware be compatible with your existing accounting processes and employee usability?
  3. 3. Is the computer hardware equipped with enough storage and speed to allow your team to perform efficiently? 
  4. 4. What features are must-haves on your computer hardware list?
  5. 5. How does a long-term IT strategy fit with your new computer hardware?

The Right Budget for Your Computer Hardware Needs

Before researching which computer hardware is best suited for your accounting business, consider your budget. If you are replacing several pieces of hardware, such as employee computers and phone systems, you will need to accommodate a larger purchase price. 

However, not all computer hardware has to be expensive. Finding high-quality portable storage devices or smaller desk-sized printers for new employees who join your business won’t break the bank. 

Consider shopping around for deals within the computer hardware industry. If you find a high-quality brand with a great reputation, you may find that updating other hardware can open up the possibility of a discount for your accounting business. 

Whatever you decide, ensure you don’t choose computer hardware solely on price alone. Inexpensive products may cost you maintenance and repairs in the long run, so make sure you thoroughly research reviews and product details before purchasing the hardware for your accounting business. 

Mobility and Compatibility With Existing Computer Hardware

If you’re considering new computer hardware for your accounting business, chances are you are upgrading from older hardware. Purchasing new equipment across the board is often the easier choice as you don’t have to worry about compatibility with existing hardware and software. 

However, don’t let this deter your purchasing journey. Most computer hardware is compatible with many of today’s common software programs. Nevertheless, you should be aware of the software and programs your accounting business relies on before making your final purchase. 

Ask your team which programs they use to perform their daily tasks and ensure that the computer hardware you choose is compatible with those systems and programs. 

Additionally, you may consider the mobility potential of your computer hardware. The truth is the post-pandemic world has ushered in a hybrid form of work, and you may want to consider laptops rather than desktops for your employees as you upgrade your computer hardware. 

Storage and Performance 

Another factor to consider before choosing the computer hardware for your accounting business is the storage and potential performance of the hardware. Take stock of the storage you and your team are using currently. 

You want to ensure that each piece of computer hardware has adequate storage to handle daily needs. By purchasing computer hardware with enough storage to handle the software your accounting business uses to perform day-to-day operations, you can feel confident your team can meet performance expectations. 

Having said this, remember that many programs and files can be stored in cloud-based storage. You may not necessarily need more storage than you currently operate with; your accounting business may simply need to move to a cloud-based storage solution. 

If you need help securely transferring sensitive client and business files to a Cloud-based system, contact us today. We can set up a secure online storage system to free up your computer hardware and keep your files protected. 


Before choosing new computer hardware for your accounting business, you want to consider the product features. While many computer hardware products offer similar processors, storage, and compatibility features, you may be interested in special features that make a certain price point worth the investment. 

For example, your accounting business may not rely on video calls with clients to perform daily tasks. In this instance, you may find a less expensive alternative to computer hardware products with integrated cameras. 

Conversely, if your team primarily works from home and communicates internally through video conferencing software, you should ensure the new computer hardware you choose reflects this operational need. 

Additionally, you may consider purchasing computer hardware bundled with accounting software, like Quickbooks. Often brands will offer a discount on these types of software when you buy a specific computer hardware product. 

Long-Term IT Strategy

The final aspect you should consider before choosing new computer hardware for your accounting business is how you’ll manage your IT strategy after purchasing. There’s no sense in spending a small fortune on excellent computer hardware if you’re not going to take the correct steps in maintaining the product. 

First, consider how you will transfer existing files and software to the new computer hardware from your existing system. You want to ensure you backup your existing files before making the big move to your new hardware. Backing up your data correctly and consistently ensures sensitive business and personal information remains secure from hackers and system failure. 

Once you have your new computer hardware up and running, consider how you will protect and maintain your system. Hiring a managed IT service team can help you stay on top of network security, data backup, recovery, and cloud computing. Check out our Small Business Guide to Hiring Managed IT Services for more information on managed IT services. 

And if you’re ready to talk with us about how we can help you manage all your accounting business IT needs, contact us today. Once you choose the appropriate computer hardware for your accounting business, we’ll get your system running, secured, and maintained the right way. 


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