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IT Solutions All Accounting Firms Need

March 15, 2022
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IT Solutions All Accounting Firms Need

IT solutions for accounting firms should be tailored to your industry’s unique needs. You know accuracy is the key to running a successful accounting firm. But, to be a successful accounting firm this tax season – and year-round – you need to ensure your IT framework is reliable, secure, and working for you around the clock. 

By ensuring your system is updated and secure, you’ll stay compliant with accounting security requirements, as outlined by the Federal government and the state in which you do business. 

This post will guide you through the IT solutions for accounting firms need, including:

    1. 1. Staying current on system and software updates
    2. 2. Ensuring appropriate security patches are in place
    3. 3. Checking your accounting firm’s storage and use 
    4. 4. Ensuring network security

Your accounting firm needs each of these IT solutions to ensure business success and guarantee your clients can trust you to keep their information secured. 

System and Software Updates

Constant maintenance of your IT framework ensures software and applications can function at peak performance. Ensuring every member of your accounting team is running the most updated operating system is the key to meeting the demands of tax season.  

If you have a team dedicated to maintaining your system and software updates, make time to reevaluate your maintenance plan. Make sure there is a plan in place to update your entire system at a time when there is no risk disrupting regular working hours. 

If you need help with this type of maintenance, check out our Managed IT Services package. This is a completely tailored experience for your company. At ABL Computers, we make IT services simple by managing all your IT services at a flat rate. 

Contact us today for more information. 

Network Security – The #1 IT Solution for Accounting Firms

It is easier than ever for hackers to access sensitive information on your company and your clients. All accounting firms need to ensure tight security is in place, regardless of their firm’s size. 

In fact, a 2013 study found 1 in every 5 small businesses will experience a compromised network. While it’s never a good idea to lead a business in fear, it’s essential to ensure your accounting firm has adequate security measures in place. 

Consider the following security measures your accounting firm should be taking today:

  • Take our advice with Tip #1 above – ensure your system and software are updated routinely.
  • Invest in a strong business-grade firewall to protect your network.
  • Change passwords across the system routinely, using a secured password protection plan.
  • Install antivirus/antispam software on every device within your accounting firm’s network. 

If you’re interested in protecting your business and assets from hackers, sign up to buy my eye-opening book, Cyber Storm. You won’t believe the information hackers can acquire from your business IT systems! 

Adequate Storage

Acquiring new clients is the linchpin to your accounting firm’s success. However, more clients mean more documents and more system storage needed to keep information organized. As a busy accounting firm, you need to move to Cloud Storage if you haven’t done so already. 

This computing model means you have scalable space to keep information organized and secured. Cloud storage allows your entire accounting team to access essential documents remotely – no more struggling to find or file hard copies. 

By moving to a cloud-based computing model, you add a layer of protection to your business and client-related sensitive information. With the right IT managed services team on your side, you can ensure your files are protected 24/7. 

If you’re interested in moving to cloud-based storage, reach out to us. We provide expert cloud computing services for a flat-rate fee, so you never feel like security is out of reach for your accounting firm. 

Data Backup and Recovery

The final IT solution for accounting firms needs is a framework for data backup and recovery. Nothing is more devastating than losing your files to a hacker, a system malfunction, or even a natural disaster. Ensure your data is protected and retrievable by running a system backup every few hours. 

Data backup for your accounting firm should include routine hard drive backup to an off-site server where recovery can be accomplished quickly. Ensure your domain and server information is securely stored and easily accessible by IT experts who can get your team up and running again. 

At ABL Computers, we are experts in network security, managed IT systems, data backup and recovery, and cloud computing. We make sure your IT systems are truly protected from cybercriminals by conducting robust threat and risk assessments. Sign up for a free assessment today.


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