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4 Essential Software Products for Your Accounting Firm

May 08, 2022
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4 Essential Software Products for Your Accounting Firm

Deciding which software products you need for your accounting firm can be a lesson in patience. There are many different companies offering excellent software to cover all your basic business needs. But, understanding which software is essential for your accounting firm can be difficult when you have so many options to choose from.

From accounting software for your own business needs to the software necessary to keep sensitive business and client information secure, there is a product for every accounting firm. 

In this post, we’ll walk through the four essential software products your accounting firm needs to be successful and the different options you should be considering. 

Accounting Software for Accounting Firms

Even accounting firms need accounting software for their own business needs. As industry professionals, you may already have accounting software you feel comfortable using that allows you to effectively operate your own business. 

Consider the following business needs before choosing or transitioning to new accounting software:

  1. 1. Does the software efficiently monitor expenditures and cash flows?
  2. 2. Does the software include a built-in tax component?
  3. 3. Does the software include an integrated payroll function?
  4. 4. Is the software easy to use across different departments and users?

Now that you have an understanding of the criteria important to you when purchasing new software for your accounting firm, you can begin researching the various products that check all the boxes. 


For a streamlined software program, consider QuickBooks. If you don’t already use QuickBooks, you’ll be surprised to find how seamlessly it can integrate many business operations like accounting, payroll, bookkeeping, and taxes.


Similar to QuickBooks, FreshBooks seamlessly integrates several of your business functions in one place. With time tracking software and low monthly cost, FreshBooks can be a great option for newly established accounting firms looking to purchase solid software that gets the job done. 


If your accounting firm works with international clients, Xero may be the best software program choice. Cloud-based accounting software that integrates bookkeeping, accounting, and taxes, Xero is a great choice for accounting firms that want to keep it simple. 

Project Management Software

Another important component of any accounting firm’s success is the ability to manage several projects across different departments. Project management is essential for smooth business operations at companies small and large. Selecting the right project management software makes a significant impact on your daily operations. 

Consider the following business needs before choosing or transitioning to new project management software:

  1. Will all employees have access to the project management software?
  2. Do you deal with complicated projects or clients with complex accounting needs?
  3. Do your accounting firm employees work remotely?

Now that you understand the criteria important to you when investing in project management software for your accounting firm, you can research the various products that fit your needs. 


If your accounting firm is small to mid-sized, Asana is a great option. Built with a simple user interface, your team can track project budgets and resources and even integrate with email.  


Trello is an excellent project management software choice if you need a robust platform to plan, set up, and implement project deliverables. A good accounting firm knows accuracy is important at every step of the business process, and Trello helps you execute from start to finish. 

Customer Management Software 

Managing your customer lifecycle year over year can be difficult without the right customer relationship management (CRM) software. The right CRM for your accounting firm will manage customer leads, record-keeping for current clients, and invoicing in one centralized platform. 

Consider the following business needs before choosing or transitioning to new CRM software:

  1. Will all employees have access to the CRM software?
  2. Is invoicing and billing handled through existing software your firm uses?
  3. Do your accounting firm employees work remotely?

Now that you understand the criteria important to you when investing in client relationship management software for your accounting firm, you can decide which software program is right for you. 


If you’re looking for a more customizable approach to CRM for your accounting firm, take a look at monday.com. Tailor the look and feel of the software to fit your needs and provide your entire team with a robust CRM software experience. 


Zoho is an excellent choice for accounting firms due to its easy-to-use invoicing and quoting function. If your firm has existing software, Zoho features an integration function so your team won’t worry about accuracy. 


You can’t find a better CRM platform for new accounting firms than Hubspot. Its platform allows unlimited users to create a profile and use basic features for free. While some integrations require a monthly fee, it remains a good option for price-sensitive firms. 

IT Security Software

Finally, if you want to ensure your business runs smoothly, consider your accounting firm’s IT security. From data backup to cloud storage, it’s vital that your business and client information is secured and monitored consistently. 

Consider the following business needs before choosing or transitioning to new IT security software:

  1. Do you currently back up your computer and system to a secured server?
  2. Do you have a plan in place in case sensitive information is hacked?
  3. Have you ensured your network is as secure as it can be?

Securing your network and sensitive information doesn’t have to be difficult. IT security is a robust industry with its own nuanced software products that address critical accounting firm needs. Hire a managed IT services company to help you ensure your network is secure from hackers and data breaches, sensitive client information is backed up to a remote server, and your system can be recovered if damaged or hacked. 

Read this post to learn more about the IT solutions all accounting firms need. 

ABL Computers makes accounting firm technology simple with solutions that work the way you need them to from the first day onward. 

Contact us today to learn how our services secure your suite of essential accounting firm software.


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